What’s to Come in 2017- Travel & Writing


It’s been a while since I last updated this blog, so I wanted to apologize to those I’ve kept waiting! During the past few months, I have been busy working as a teacher for children aged 1-5 in Livingstone, Zambia (Africa) and writing for Elite Daily. Unfortunately, #wherethefisjess has received the least of my attention during this time. It has been difficult to keep up with everything!

However, that is all about to change.


Over the past 8 months, I have visited 12 countries, over 30 cities, and caught nearly 60 flights, trains, and bus rides.

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More importantly, over the past 8 months, I have learned that it is both possible and sustainable to travel for long periods of time. The challenge is that there is an innate desire to see every possible thing while you are in a certain corner of the world. Naturally, as a caveat, travel can be especially trying if you cram in too many things. When you are simultaneously writing about these travels, you simply run out of time.


People push you, they pull you, they scam you, they help you.


Simply put, traveling can be tiring (sometimes your body gets tired before your brain, and vice versa, which are both stunningly awkward situations). Travel is not always easy.


But, nevertheless, the past 8 months have been the best of my life!


So, in 2017, I will continue to travel! But it will be done at a much slower pace. This way, I can write from the road to update you immediately, instead of later on.


Before I set off on my next journey in February (to be announced), I will be updating you with adventures from my past few months. Here’s a brief look at what’s to come:

Travel Guides

Complete Travel Guide to Cape Town

Complete Travel Guide to Livingstone, Zambia

Complete Travel Guide to Zanzibar

Complete Travel Guide to Rome

Complete Travel Guide to Abruzzo, Italy


Photo Series

Botswana Safari

The Children of Livingstone


Travel How To’s

How to Find a Volunteer Program in Africa

10 Best Websites and Apps for Traveling Cheap

The Tazara Train: How to Travel Overland from Zambia to Tanzania


Personal Stories

Standing on the Syrian Border

+ more!

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