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    I’m A Stereotypical Millennial, And That’s Okay

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    As seen on Elite Daily


    I am a stereotypical Millennial, and that’s okay.


    When I grew up I wanted to be a singer, or a model, or an actress. Fortunately, Snapchat and Instagram celebrities didn’t exist in the 90’s; otherwise I probably would have aspired to be a Kardashian instead. It didn’t matter that I was blonde with no butt, I would argue, I could do and be anything I wanted. The world was my oyster and I could reach for the stars. I, let me repeat, I was special.

    Thank god the Kardashian brand didn’t exist in the 90’s.


    Growing up as a Millennial led me to believe the world was mine to be had. My parents spent their lives slaving away in the corporate world to give me the gift of choosing what I wanted to be. Forget singing and acting, as a millennial I could be a women’s’ rights activist, brain surgeon, or startup founder.


    So it came as a surprise to many when I, similar to millions of other Millennials, ended up working a desk job.

    So much for the hype.

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