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    The Best Park in Nashville: Centennial Park

    In a town bustling with busy streets, worn down cars, and country music echoing through bar windows- it can be nice to clear your head of Nashville’s city madness and give yourself a breath of fresh air. The closest and best park to many Nashville locations (such as Vanderbilt University) is Centennial Park… Okay, it may not technically be the best park in Nashville- you have to dodge a few homeless people, not to mention watch out for stray footballs, and you probably definitely shouldn’t walk around alone at night- but aside from that, the park is a great escape from the intense city.

    On top of that- it has a replica of the Parthenon!

    My sister goes to school at Vanderbilt (yes, she’s a smart cookie), so every once and a while I get to go visit her in the Nashville. Luckily, during the most recent trip I took with her we got to hang out in Centennial Park- not once- but twice (in case you can’t tell, I really liked it).

    PS- You may have a little hard time telling us apart in the pictures. Even though we are 3 years apart we look so similar we are often mistaken for twins.

    Nashville Acropolis in a park

    My sister at the Nashville Parthenon!

    If you get a chance to visit Nashville and need a little break from the city, stop by Centennial Park and see the Parthenon! Rumor has it that this colossal structure was supposed to be taken down after it was built for an expo decades ago, but locals and tourists alike loved it so much that it stayed.

    There is no need to actually go inside the Parthenon- my recommendation is that it’s not quite worth the cost and the outside is the best part.

    Nashville Parthenon travel blogger

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