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    10 Galway Gems To Make You Love Ireland

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    The first time I arrived in Galway, I did so by train from Dublin. Most people know how I feel about Dublin based on my recent post, Dublin: A Local vs. Tourist’s Perspective. So, needless to say, I did not know what to expect in Galway. Was it as busy as Dublin? As touristy?


    Within seconds of stepping out of the train station, I quickly realized that Galway was nothing like Dublin. The first sign of this was the astonishingly small amount of taxis in the (nonexistent) taxi line. My mother, sister, and I walked out of the train center to get a ride to our hotel (which, it turns out, was just around the corner).


    There is a common theme among people who have moved to Galway. They usually plan on staying in the city for a year, maybe two tops. Then they fall in love with the relaxed seaside style, energetic nightlife, and up-and-coming food scene. Suddenly two years turn into three, then five, and then seven… and without even being aware of it, Galway becomes home.


    It is easy to fall in love with Galway.

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