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    When Air Conditioning Breaks in Wine Country

    Scoops ice cream sonoma napa california hot wine ice cream

    Its 100 degrees in Sonoma and the air conditioning is broken.

    The wine-loving inn keeper is struggling to kickstart the air conditioning in our quaint cottage outside of the town center. My travel buddy and I carefully unload some bags from the rental car, while trying not to melt in the sun. Our stomachs are growling from skipping breakfast in San Francisco in order to get to Sonoma as soon as possible. We drop our bags on the bed, slouch over the cottage chairs, and guzzle the remaining cold water from the last hotel. Must get food.

    Sometime after scarfing down deli-shop paninis, we (intentionally) ran into an ice cream shop.

    Tip #1 for surviving California heat: get ice cream

    Arguably the best place to get homemade ice cream in Sonoma is a small shop called Sweet Scoops. With everything from Mint Chocolate Chip and Salted Caramel to Chex-Mix-A-Lot and Lavender Lemon, this store has something for everyone (yes, they even have vegan options).

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