Hello! I’m Jess

I am 23 years old and currently live in sunny Newport Beach, CA.

I have my Master’s degree in Food Science & Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science.

My dream is to spend my life traveling the world, while living a sustainable lifestyle (in terms of both finances and health). I have created this blog to share this journey with you, while providing tips on how to travel in a similar way. As always, I am here for you if you need anything.

I would love to hear from you! inquiries@wherethefisjess.com


It will inspire you.

It will encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle.

It will show you tricks to stay healthy on the road.

It will give you world-wide travel tips.

It will motivate you.

It will show you how you, too, can follow your dreams.

Where have I been all this time, you ask?

World travel map jess


We are not guaranteed old age.


Life is too short to be anything less than a massive adventure.

To learn more about my decision to travel see my post: How Embracing Fear Led to a Trip Around the World


As always, feel free to reach out anytime.